Welcoming the Residents of Richmond and Scotland Counties
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  There are approximately 2.3 million inmates in the federal, state and local detention facilities in the United States (Bureau of Justice Statistics).  Of the 2.3 million total inmates in the United States, approximately 1.2 million of them have some type mental health illness or substance abuse related problem.  When...
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In July, I had the privilege to attend the NAMI National Convention in San Francisco. There was a wealth of knowledge packed into those four days. I have compiled a summary of resources based on my experience below: NAMI National Convention 2015 presentations and other resources AssureX – a personalized medicine...
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Speech given November 22, 2014 at FirstHealth Hospice and Palliative Care Campus, Campus Walk for Suicide Awareness Edward N. Squire, Jr MD, MPH Board Member, National Alliance on Mental Illness of Moore County ———————————————————————————————–  Good Afternoon!  It is nice to be here.  I need to thank Tera Duthie [Grief Counselor...
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