Please help us if you can. The Sandhills Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Partnership needs family members of a person living with a mental illness to share with law enforcement officers how mental illness affected the lives their families. 

They also need individuals who are living with a mental illness to share how their lives have been affected by their mental illness. The Consumer and Family Perspective Panels are two of the most important parts of the Crisis Intervention Team training because it gives the officers a chance to have a conversation with “real” people, with “real” stories, in non-confrontational environment. They has always been well received by the officers and other first responders in all the CIT classes.  

The UNC System Police Departments are making CIT a priority with plans to train all of their officers who are not already trained. This organization understands the importance of training all their officers about mental illness, jail diversion and the skills required to interact with a person who is experiencing a mental health crisis. This knowledge will reduce the numbers of individuals who are incarcerated for non-violent crimes, by giving them the opportunity to seek medical treatment. It will also reduce the violence and injuries that often occur during forceful confrontations. 

The CIT training is for forty hours over five days. The first class for the UNC System Officers will be held from March 15 to March 19tht at the Samarcand Training Academy Corrections and Law Enforcement Training Complex located at 3600 Samarcand Road, Jackson Springs, off NC Route 73 near the Montgomery County Line. Both Panels will be held on Wednesday March 17. The Consumer Panel will be held from 9:30 to 10:45 am. The Family Perspective Panel will be held from 11:00 am to noon. 

If you are interested in participating or just have some questions, please contact George Reynolds via

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