Depression is the theme of World Health Day on April 7th – quite rightly, because sooner or later almost everyone will come into contact with depression either themselves or through someone close to them. Lack of knowledge of where to find help and social stigma are the prevalent reasons for lack of treatment, for this reason we’d like to share our app with you as a mental health resource (Free on iOS and Andriod): MyTherapy: The diary app for people with depression.

Track your mood

Use the MyTherapy app to investigate the reasons behind your depression or depressive mood. Keep a daily record of how you feel – without writing a line. Monitor the causes of your mood swings.

Find connections

What helps? Which behavior triggers positive emotion? Sports? Meditation? Medication? MyTherapy is not just a mood tracker, it allows you to discover what medication, sports and other activities are actually helping. The apps analytics will help you uncover the causes and patterns associated with your well-being.

Make it easy on yourself

In order to overcome depression, a daily schedule is important. Be it for your diary entries, prescribed antidepressants or exercise – MyTherapy turns what often seems like a monumental task into a simple list of “to-do’s.”

Privacy guaranteed

Everyone should decide how openly he or she wishes to deal with depression. Which is why MyTherapy adheres to the strictest of privacy laws and gained certification from TÜV for data protection and data security.

Margaret Wardhaugh
Landwehrstr. 60/62
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