early-interventionDrastic changes in mood or behavior; seeing, hearing or believing things that aren’t real; feeling sad or withdrawn for weeks at a time—these are all warning signs of a mental health condition.

Many people don’t realize that half of all cases of mental illness appear by age 14, and three-quarters appear by age 24. With suicide as the second leading cause of death among youth aged 15-24, it’s critical to get young people the treatment they need, right away.

early-intervention-donateDuring Suicide Prevention Awareness Month in September, we are reminded of the importance of early intervention. You can support NAMI’s efforts to secure funding for and promote early intervention after the first signs of mental illness.

Often friends and families affected by mental health conditions are left in the dark, unable to talk openly about issues that can result in tragedy. The best way to help people experiencing the first signs of mental illness is to get them help as soon as possible—because early treatment leads to the best outcomes.

Your contribution today during Suicide Prevention Awareness Month will help us raise awareness about the common warning signs of mental illness and promote early intervention so that more young people can access the care they need, as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support.





Mary Giliberti, J.D.
Chief Executive Officer


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